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A previous pupil at Pratt, I paint pictures, retouch photos, model, and listen to town music.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Fall Seniore Survey

YAY! One more semester and I will officially be deemed a prestigious Pratt Alumni lol. These are some of the Bountiful fruits of me labors that have come to fruition over the last 90+\- days.

Some of the amazing images you see before you were posted previously, and others, which will be new to your magnificent eyes, have only recently been completed and have yet to receive the pampering of the digital photograph.


mike said...

I love your BIO more than anything.... and of course.. love where your going with your body of work... I hope I can experiment a bit in your direction... I feel like I'm going down an anally tight road.. oh yes, I know what I just said.

the plummer said...

yeaaaaaahhhh. dude. grant. you're sick.