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A previous pupil at Pratt, I paint pictures, retouch photos, model, and listen to town music.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Brrr Its Cold In Here

A drafty draft blew through with a blast.


Mike Bear said...

man, i really like your paintings... you've grown sooo much. it really makes me want to go back to school... me thinks... grad school at SVA for Illustration...if i can figure out the money stuff... but again, it's art... with enough study on my own and devotion to work I could probably learn a lot... but it would take me like ten years what I could get done in two... i dunno.

i want to paint dammit!

Sam Keller said...

this is beautiful. i'm in love with all of your art work, its ridiculous.

Grant Newton said...

Thanks guys! I really appreciate your comments!

-Mike you should move over here then so we can get some painting done lol!